Basement Walk-Out

Basement Walk-Outs

A walk-out basement can be a welcome perk for additional income suites, and basement living spaces. Whether you are renting the space out, or making use of the space for entertaining and relaxing, the ability to enter and exit from your basement will improve the flow and accessibility of your home in Hamilton.

Furthermore, in the unfortunate case of a fire, a basement walk can act as an alternative exit. A basement walk-out usually includes both a set of stairs and a well insulated door.  At Conterra Foundation & Repair, we have over twenty years experience incorporating basement walk-outs into homes of every style and vintage.  Conterra Foundation & Repair digs and provides structurally safe basement exits in Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Burlington that are built to withstand leaking and weather damage.  

Installing a basement exit is best done by a contractor who can address foundational issues, and waterproofing concerns as they arise. Adding a walkout requires careful attention to structural details so that you don’t compromise the structural integrity of your home. Improperly built, a basement walk-out can lead to detrimental leaks. If you are using this space for living or storage, these leaks can potentially cause significant damage to personal property. At Conterra Foundation & Repair, we know how to accurately assess your foundation, while taking into account its surroundings.

Building a basement walk-out is a perfect time to address cracks in your foundation, or leaks in your basement. Don’t let these completely treatable annoyances prevent you from making full use of your basement! A functional basement will dramatically increase your property value while improving your quality of life!

If you would like to start a conversation about building a basement walk-out please contact us to request your free inspection and quote!

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