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Cool Rooms & Crawl Spaces

Cool rooms and crawl spaces are all too easy to forget about when you hardly ever use them in your Hamilton home. Like the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

A wet cool room or crawl space can cause not only structural damage to your home, but it can also affect the health of those living in your home. Standing water from a leaking crawl space can lead to hazardous mould. One way to tell if your crawl space is in need of some attention is the condition of the room directly above it. Are the floors constantly colder than everywhere else in your home? Are your heating bills unpredictably rising and rising? Are you experiencing wood rot? All of these are common symptoms of trouble in cool rooms and crawl spaces.

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot is a condition caused by wet and humid surfaces or wet ground where the cells of the wood cannot breathe. In crawlspaces, if the water can not drain, it evaporates into the wood, where it causes decay of the wood fibres, resulting in holes and cracks at joints, nails, screws and other areas. If you have a leaky crawlspace, moisture can easily infiltrate your floor joists and cause wood rot. This can eventually lead to sagging or soft spots in your floors above.

Wet Crawl Space Causes

Water can easily find its way into your crawlspace from heavy storms, rapid snowmelt and wet soil. If your foundation walls are cracked or not properly sealed, water may also seep in from the outside.

Water leaks in your home's pipes or a malfunctioning sump pump are other potential causes and are often easier to identify due to water spots on the ceiling of your crawlspace, a flooded sump pit, or a costly utility bill for water usage.

Repairing Leaky Crawl Space Problems

Problems can arise in your cool room and crawl space when water is not being properly diverted away from the area. Oftentimes, gutters and downspouts are the main culprits. Depending on the severity of the problem, the soil surrounding your foundation may need to be unearthed while we install a more effective crawl space drainage system.

In some cases, a subsurface drainage system can dramatically improve the conditions in your cool room and crawl space. Alternatively, a vapour barrier can be installed to prevent the evaporation of ground moisture. A vapour barrier works by slowing air from passing through the area. As a result, it turns your crawl space or cool room into a stable environment. Instantly, you will find that your heating and cooling bills decrease.

Finally, if you have a dirt crawlspace floor where only part of your basement has been dug out, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the water might be leaking in as most of the foundation walls are not visible. In this instance, exterior waterproofing might be the best solution.

Since 1993 Conterra Foundation and Repair has been providing crawl space and cool room support since 1993. Our years of experience working with Burlington and Hamilton homeowners and finding solutions to their crawl space troubles will help us find the perfect solution for you in keeping your crawl space dry.

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