Weeping Tile

High Pressure Flushing

Weeping tile systems in Burlington or Hamilton can become clogged over time with sediments and soil that have seeped through the system. This is unavoidable and the likelihood of this happening increases over the years.

Instead of replacing the entire weeping tile system however, there is another option. The weeping tile clogs can be cleaned with a high pressure flushing with water. Water sent at 3000 psi through the weeping tile will flush out clogged particles.

The age of your home can determine the type of weeping tiles you may have and the specific tactics we might use to clean out your weeping tiles. Homes built before 1973 probably have a clay pipe weeping tiles system with an elbow shaped pipe on each corner. These corners may have to be excavated. Feeding the lines around the corners of newer homes is usually much easier.

Conterra Foundation and Repair has been providing weeping tile cleaning since 1993 in Burlington, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas.  If you are experiencing blockages and clogs in your weeping tile, we can help.

For more information on weeping tile cleaning and a free estimate, contact us directly.

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