Basement Flooding

Sump Pit Installations

In the most basic of terms, a sump pit is a hole that collects water and fluids. Most sump pits are located in the basement. Their job is to prevent your basement in Burlington from flooding!

Properly installed sump pits will contain a sump pump which removes water from the pit on a regular basis. Without a pump, your sump pit is in danger of overflowing and flooding your basement despite its good intentions!

Water can end up in your basement as a result of a huge number of circumstances: faulty window wells, a leaking foundation, heavy rainfall, spring runoff, etc. A sump pit will help make sure that this excess rainwater or groundwater doesn’t cause costly damage. Sump pits sit inside of a basin (also known as a sump) that collects water. Water is directed into the pit via a grill or grate. Typically, a sump pit is connected to the municipal water supply and/or the storm drain. The pump is activated by a floating device that tells it when the water level in the pit is getting too high. We make sure that you can also activate the pump manually. It’s a good idea to periodically drain the sump pit.

In addition to being regularly drained, sump pits should be completely drained and cleaned on a regular basis. Debris, mold, algae, and more can accumulate in a sump pit leading to unpleasant odors and even hazardous health effects. During a sump pit cleaning, the sump pump tubes should also be checked for clogs and blockages.

When the power fails, battery back-up emergency sump pumps can save the day. These back-up systems operate on a marine-grade battery and automatically start up when the power goes out.

Conterra Foundation & Repair has installed sump pump pits and sump pumps in the Halton/Hamilton area since 1993.  Furthermore, we provide sump pump cleaning and inspections to ensure your basement will stay dry during wet and rainy seasons.

To discuss installing a sump pit and sump pump at your residential or commercial property, please contact us to request your free quote!

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