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Since 1993, Conterra Foundation and Repair has been meeting the needs of individuals who are in search of reliable basement waterproofing & foundation crack repairs and/or a solution for their basement water leaks.

Wet Basement Solutions

Whether these foundation cracks and water leaks are the result of normal shrinkage cracks, hydrostatic pressure, soil settlement, or even buried debris, our method provides foundation crack repair services that are beyond compare.

Conterra Foundation and Repair specializes in installing exterior drainage systems designed to completely address foundation seepage issues. Our method involves excavating the soil surrounding the walls being treated and exposing the top and side of the footings. On inspection cracks and structural deficiencies are repaired if required.

Conterra Foundation Trucks

The foundation wall and footings are then prepared for the waterproofing process by re-parging or simply applying a self adhesive membrane as well as a secondary air-gap membrane commonly known as Delta MS. Old materials are disposed of and replaced with clean stone and new weeping tile. Clean-outs are also installed.The walls are then backfilled to grade.

For maximum drainage we recommend the new weeping tiles are connected to a sump pump so that excess water can be gathered below the floor level and effectively discharged away from the building ensuring maximum drainage for perimeter walls and floors.

In fact, our method not only repairs your existing cracks, but also helps prevent future ones!

Conterra Foundation and Repair provides basement waterproofing services to Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and surrounding areas.  If your basement is leaking after a storm or snow thaw, contact us for solutions for maintaining a dry basement.

For more information about wet basement repair in Hamilton & Burlington with a free estimate, contact us directly.

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