Emergency Egress Windows

A finished basement is just not complete without an egress window.

*Prices Starting at $3,499.00

An egress window in your basement serves several purposes. It brightens up the room, provides an emergency exit, and offers you the opportunity to use your basement as a rental property. Another added benefit is that you can add potted plants on the steps leading out of the emergency egress, providing a great view from your new bedroom, office or game room.

Conterra Foundation and Repair is extremely familiar with the local building codes of the Greater Hamilton Area (GHA) including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas. We will ensure your egress window meets all required codes. If you are adding bedrooms in the basement or renting out the basement space, you want to guarantee your guests’ safety, which is why we take every possible measure to ensure our egress window wells are suitable for emergency exits.

Conterra Foundation and Repair specializes in basement waterproofing, so you will never have to worry about your window egress leaking if installed by us. This includes water leaking through the window seams, or water pooling in the egress well. Our egress window wells will have proper drainage, meaning they’ll stand up to the abuse of heavy rainfall or spring thaw. With that said, you’ll also want to ensure your eaves, and landscape grading are also in proper condition.

Egress Window Installation

Another benefit of having Conterra Foundation and Repair install your basement egress window is that we can help you make informed decisions on factors you may have never considered.

For example, if you are seeking the best natural light for your basement, you may have never considered which wall of your basement would be best for an egress window. Conterra Foundation and Repair also examines issues like buried utilities, indoor wiring, ductwork, and sewer lines. Your house is your biggest investment and as a basement contractor you can trust, Conterra Foundation’s work ensures we add value to your home.

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