Window Wells & Drains

Heavy rainfall and the Ontario spring runoff can cause window wells and drains to fill up with water that ends up on your basement floor. Once there, it wreaks havoc on your foundation and can be unhealthy for the occupants of your home.

Proper window well drainage is crucial to ensuring your below-grade windows don’t end up looking like aquariums! If the basement window wells in your home are not draining properly, retrofitting proper drainage is a simple procedure.

Window Well Installation

We will start by excavating from the window well to the weeping tile.

Once the window well has been removed and the area has been excavated, we install two 4″ perforated lengths of weeping tile running vertically from your drain layer to your window sill. The weeping tile will be filled with 3/4″ clear stone, ensuring proper drainage inside your window well.

Fix Your Leaky Basement Windows

Proper installation and maintenance of a window well drain are simple yet vital.

If left unattended, water damage resulting from poorly draining window wells can cause damage to your entire foundation leading to a much more costly repair.

Older homes in Hamilton may have had window wells that were never properly installed, or several decades have caused a clogged drain. If your existing window wells are not draining correctly and have flooded with standing water, Conterra Foundation and Repair can help. Our Window Well Drainage Repair procedures are designed to ensure proper window well drainage at all times. We will investigate why your window wells are not draining and offer you a solution to repair the issue.

Window Well Issues

Slow drainage: If you have moved into an older home, we recommend inspecting the quality of drainage in your window well.

To do this, get a hose and run water into the well. The water should drain relatively fast and never come near the bottom of your window. If the water lingers, you will want to get this fixed as it just takes one major rainfall to cause basement flooding.

Clogged gravel: Gravel placed at the bottom of the well can get clogged with dirt, rotting leaves and debris over time, preventing water from passing through. You can easily fix this yourself by collecting the gravel and rinsing it off on your patio.

Loose window well: As the ground around your house freezes and thaws, the window well may shift away from your basement wall. A loose window well allows dirt to enter the well and block drainage. The loose-fitting window well needs to be dug out and properly re-attached to the house, so there is a tight fit against the wall.

Window Well Repair

Conterra Foundation and Repair has been installing quality window wells and drains since 1993 in the Greater Hamilton Area (GHA) including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas.

Our experience with foundations allows us to fix problem areas that may lead to window well flooding and leaking.

Call Conterra Foundation and Repair for your FREE inspection and repair quote.

Since 1993 our waterproofing contractors have been servicing the Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario area.


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