Exterior Foundation WaterProofing

Moisture may affect your basement in different forms, either as a vapour or as a liquid. Even when water is effecting your basement, however, you may not see obvious evidence.

A basement structure can retain a high moisture content prior to water becoming evident. The damage which is happening is slow, subtle and detrimental to your basement.

Conterra Foundation and Repair permanently solves wet basement problems through our proven process. This process can vary slightly depending on the circumstances, type of foundation, geographics and the condition of your building.

Our foundation waterproofing is covered by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Waterproofing your leaky basement walls requires excavation to the foundation footing, or the bottom of the foundation.

Regardless of your circumstances, whether you are experiencing seepage or dampness through the walls, exterior waterproofing will always solve your problem. If suggested otherwise, you are being sold on a stand-alone interior water control system. This method of dewatering does not waterproof a basement, it only prevents water from appearing on your floor. Water and moisture still enter the building structure and is simply redirected. If you’re using an interior de-watering method you are actually contributing to the deterioration of the concrete because the concrete cannot breathe.

Waterproofing a foundation completely eliminates water and moisture penetration through the walls into a basement. For a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have protection from subsurface water for all of the below grade walls preferably on the positive side of entry. All of this protection must span from grade level down to the foundation footing or a depth deeper than the basement floor.

Conterra Foundation utilizes today’s most advanced exterior waterproofing materials to apply a superior multi-layer foundation seal that permanently eliminates water penetration.

Basement Foundation Issues

As stated above, for a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have protection against subsurface water for all of the below grade walls.

Sealing a wall on the inside traps water within the wall and actually speeds up the deterioration of the wall, which could lead to foundation walls bowing and serious structural damage.

Water concealed below grade can get under the footings in a foundation, and destabilize the structural integrity of your home or business. This can lead to cracked foundation walls and footings, and very costly repairs. Standing water and heavy moisture behind finished walls can lead to an infestation of mould, mildew and fungus on the joists, studs, carpet and baseboards.

Not only can mould lead to wood-rot and costly repairs, the spores that can be released in the air can be quite damaging to your health. The key to controlling mould growth is keeping our environments dry and by maintaining a low relative humidity.

Waterproofing your exterior foundation will prevent any water from damaging your home and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Fix your leaky basement permanently

You’ll never have to worry about a flooded basement again with our permanent solution to ensuring you have a dry basement all year round.

This means you’ll never have to worry about damage to your finished basement whether you install a rental bedroom or in-law suite, use it as a home theatre or for entertaining guests.

If you are putting a living space into your basement, we can install an emergency egress window. Basement wall crack repair, sump pump installations, foundation wall reinforcement, and weeping tile replacement are several services we offer to keep your basement dry. When you work with us, you deal directly with fully licensed and insured technicians who have been waterproofing basements since 1993.

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