Foundation Parging

When it comes to parging above grade and foundation repair for your home, be sure to trust the work of an experienced professional.

Foundation parging above grade is an approach of applying a fresh coat of masonry-based mortar or foundation parging mix to the visible exterior masonry blocks and stone walls of your home’s foundation walls. Parging on the exterior is intended to protect the structural aspect of the foundation. The parging material can be applied to many types of foundation walls, including concrete-block foundation and poured concrete foundation walls.

Benefits Of Foundation Parging

Many homeowners invest in above-grade parging for their foundation wall because it offers a large aesthetic appeal, enhancing your property’s image.

Parging provides a nice, smooth look, compared to unfinished exterior foundation walls, which may show formwork marks and surface imperfections.

Other benefits of parging include improving foundation wall insulation from the elements and further protection against rodents and bugs.

Is Basement Parging The Same As Waterproofing?

Although parging is not meant for waterproofing, it does create a water-resistant barrier, offering protection against weather elements, such as rain and snow.

If you are a homeowner with a block foundation, parging above grade can provide extra weather protection as the foundation block joints will be covered completely with the parging mix, creating an air-tight barrier.

Why Is My Parging Crumbling?

Parging above grade is a popular home upgrade, however, it is important to consult an expert for foundation parging above grade services, as you need to ensure the proper admixtures and bonding agents are utilized to create a good bond.

When not applied properly, parging may loosen and trap water, which could cause more damage than you were hoping to prevent in the first place.

Successful foundation parging in Southern Ontario requires an extra level of expertise as it is subjected to hot summers and frigid winters that can lead to damage if not applied properly.

Hamilton & Burlington Parging Experts

Conterra Foundation & Repair offers foundation parging services in the Greater Hamilton Area (GHA) including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas.

We quote only the necessary work with no high-pressure sales pitches and give you peace of mind in the form of a 24-month warranty.

*Discolouration caused by moisture or humidity and cracking due to foundation movement is not covered under warranty

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