Basement Parging in the Greater Hamilton Area

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It is no secret that homes in Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas are subject to a lot of abuse from the elements. Heavy rains and melting snow often lead to damp basements that can result in all kinds of damage.

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to help keep their homes dry and to prevent moisture from seeping into their basements, which can potentially lead to mould, mildew and other damage. One common technique for protecting a home’s basement from moisture is basement parging.

What is basement parging?

Basement parging is a protective coating that is applied to the portion of your home’s foundation that is above the ground. This coating may be applied either to the exterior or interior of the home. Many homeowners mistakenly think that parging is for cosmetic purposes because it covers up cracks and imperfections in a home’s foundation.

But while parging may indeed make a home look better, that is not its primary purpose. Parging protects foundation walls and stone and block walls from the elements using a masonry-based mortar.

Is basement parging the same as waterproofing?

Although basement parging does help to protect your home from moisture, it is not the same as waterproofing and parging alone is not sufficient to keep your home dry. Waterproofing generally requires excavation around your home’s foundation and may be necessary if you are having severe problems with leaks coming into your basement.

Who should you hire for basement parging?

Although basement parging can be done by the homeowner, it is recommended that it be done by a professional basement waterproofing company. Although it is very good for providing a water-resistant barrier to the elements, if parging is not done correctly, it can actually cause more problems. If parging is done poorly, moisture can get trapped between the foundation wall and the protective coating, which can cause the concrete to deteriorate.

Anyone who is applying basement parging needs to ensure the following:

  • The surface where the parging is going to be applied must be moist and clean.
  • The surface needs to be smooth and not have any sections that are brittle or crumbling.
  • The parging material must be prepared to the exact instructions set by the manufacturer, including its application and curing temperature.
  • Parging must be moistened as it cures.
  • Cracks or damage must be repaired immediately to prevent moisture from getting trapped.

Is parging a required part of all waterproofing jobs in Hamilton and Burlington?

Although Ontario’s building code does not mandate parging, it is highly recommended as a means to protect concrete and masonry from the elements. Parging is especially crucial for homes in the Hamilton area that have foundation walls with exterior insulation or stone or brickwork.

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