Brick Foundation Repair

brick wall with crack

While most of the newer homes in the Hamilton and Burlington area have foundations that are made from cement or cinder blocks, some older homes have brick foundations. Brick foundations, when constructed properly, can be incredibly strong and durable however, you need to keep in mind that most homes with brick foundations are going to be 75 years old or older. Brick foundations were extremely popular in the early 1900s, and these are now reaching the end of their lifecycle. At some point, you can expect that a brick foundation repair will be necessary.

But how do you know if your home is in need of a brick foundation repair? Here are three telltale signs.

Vertical Cracks in Foundations

Vertical cracks are most commonly caused by a home settling. Although this is the least serious type of damage, it should not be ignored. Over time cracks can become worse, and as they deepen, you could experience problems with flooding or mould.

Brick foundations especially are susceptible to this kind of damage because of the pressure caused on the mortar areas, which are weaker than the brick. Cracks start out small, but as they grow worse, they can actually cause the walls to rotate.

Step Cracks

Cracks that look like a set of stairs are called step cracks. These indicate that the soil around the foundation is moving, which can be caused either by soil that is too loosely packed or by dirt that has poor drainage.

You will require a brick foundation repair if you discover this problem, but you will need to address the source of the problem as well – the soil. To stop the same problem from occurring again, better drainage needs to be installed.

Horizontal Cracks in Brick Foundation

The most serious of brick foundation problems are indicated by horizontal cracks. These indicate that the soil surrounding your home is putting too much pressure on the foundation, which can cause walls to bow or even cave. This can be extremely dangerous, and you should seek out foundation repairs right away.

Don’t ignore problems with your brick foundation

If brick foundation is leaking, and you are getting water in your basement, repairing your brick foundation may involve digging a trench around the home.  This allows us to properly waterproof your foundation and solve your leaky basement issues.

Although it might seem like a hassle and expense to have foundation repair experts fix problems with your brick foundation, you should never ignore these problems as they can worsen over time. In some cases, they might lead to flooding and water damage – in more severe cases, they can compromise the structure of your home.

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