Corner Wall Repair in Hamilton and Burlington

corner repair

Conterra Foundation has been serving homeowners in Burlington and Hamilton for nearly 20 years, repairing foundationswaterproofing and fixing concrete walls. And at Conterra Foundation, we have the knowledge and technology to repair the damage that may be occurring in your corner walls.

Over the years, the technology for repairing corner walls has changed. The old way involved using steel I-beams, and while this method is still appropriate in some situations, newer and better methods have emerged.

Using carbon fibre for corner wall repair in Hamilton and Burlington

One of the best methods of repairing corner walls is to use carbon fibre. And our team of professionals use Rhino brand, which is a top of the line carbon fibre repair kit. The Rhino Carbon Fibre Corner Wall Repair Kit strengthens damaged corner walls with its 560 GSM bidirectional or 400 GSM unidirectional carbon fibre straps. The kit ensures that you’ll have a strong bond with your wall’s concrete or masonry with its RCF Saturant Adhesive Spray.

Compared to old methods, the installation of carbon fibre is quick and easy. The area where the carbon fibre strip is to be applied is ground flat, and then a high-strength epoxy is applied. The strip is then embedded to the wall to strengthen it.

The completed repair is hardly noticeable once it has been painted, and it does not take up any additional space inside your home.

To ensure the stability of your home’s foundation, it is necessary that the finished corner wall repair be very strong and sturdy. Carbon fibre is lightweight, but it is also ten times stronger than steel. Furthermore, because carbon fibre is non-corrosive, there is no need for ongoing maintenance.

The system works for both block as well as poured concrete and may be used on both exterior and interior corners.

Why do corner walls become damaged?

If you have noticed that the corner walls of your foundation have started to shift or crack, you will likely wonder why or how this could happen. While there are a number of possibilities, by far the most common reason is that the beams in your home have caused too much stress on your home’s foundation and caused it to crack near the corners.

With carbon fibre reinforcement, the team at Conterra Foundation can not only repair damaged corner walls, but we can also reinforce walls that are in good condition, so you won’t have to worry about calling us again in a few months or a few years.

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