Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

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When it comes to making home improvements, you likely want the biggest bang for your buck – especially if you’ll be selling soon. To help select the best renovations to complete, you’ll want to think about which ones will provide you with the biggest Return on Investment (ROI).

Potential home buyers want to feel confident that a prospective home is protected from water damage. With basements being one of the most common places for water leaks to occur, getting your basement waterproofed is a great selling feature. It’s also a great way to increase the value of your home! Here’s why you should consider completing exterior foundation waterproofing.

It Strengthens Your Property’s Foundation

Being surrounded by wet earth, basements are susceptible to water damage – and this damage is not always apparent right away. Over time, some water can create slow, subtle damage that can cause expensive repairs and create a structurally weak home.

Well-sealed foundations, coupled with a good backup system and sump pump, create stronger foundations. They’re less likely to shift and crack during inclement weather, such as sweltering heat and frigid temperatures. Prevent any shifting by fortifying your foundation with steel or concrete underpinnings.

It Adds Additional Living Space

Waterproofing your basement creates another functional floor in your home for your family to spend time. This additional living space can be used for many possibilities – including another bedroom, family living room, playroom, or entertainment area. It’s a great area for a wine cellar, food storage pantry, or art/craft area, too!

It Creates Aesthetic Appeal

When a basement’s water-resistant, it appears more safe, beautiful, and neat. Any seepage, cracks, holes, and peeling paint disappear, increasing the worth of your home. Potential homebuyers will much prefer seeing a finished basement than a dank, musty space filled with insects!

It Produces Energy Savings

Having a well-sealed basement is better for your energy bills, too. Leaky, drafty basements and crawl spaces are considerably warmer in the summer and colder in the winter, leading to the need for more heating and cooling.

If you have a large home with ample square footage, a well-sealed basement can create year-round cost savings.

It Eliminates Health Problems

When water enters your home, mould can grow. Mould exposure can create symptoms including a stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes. Dampness also promotes the growth of dust mites, cockroaches, bacteria and viruses, which can affect your health.

Mould can also lead to more intense respiratory conditions such as asthma and upper and lower respiratory problems. An uncommon disease known as hypersensitive pneumonitis is also associated with exposure to indoor mould in people with weakened immune systems.

Basement Waterproofing in Hamilton & Burlington

Whether you’re planning on selling shortly or not, waterproofing your basement is a worthwhile investment. If you’re considering completing it at your home, contact us today for more information.