Dry Up Your Wet Basement For Good!

shovel on exterior basement wall

Nobody wants to have a damp basement. Not only are they uncomfortable and a bit smelly, but that dampness can lead to problems such as mouldrotten wood, and damaged belongings. Fortunately, it is possible to dry up that wet basement for good. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. In this article, we’ll explain what you can do to dry up your basement.

Identify Source of Dampness

First things first. Before you can stop leaky basement walls, you need to know where it is coming from. Dampness can either come from indoor humidity or from the outside, such as through cracks in the foundation. You need to stop the water at its source. In other words, if water is coming in from outside, you need to stop it outside.

Eliminate Humidity and Condensation

If humidity is the source of the dampness, you should be able to solve the problem by preventing sources of humid air. Make sure that leaky dryer vents are sealed with foil tape. If you have a bathroom in your basement, make sure there is a vent fan installed and that it is turned on whenever the shower is being used. After your shower, be sure to run the fan until the mirrors are no longer steamy.

When the outside weather is humid, make sure that basement windows are closed. And of course, run a dehumidifier when you need to.

Another indoor source of dampness can be condensation dripping from pipes. To prevent this, insulate cold water pipes with foam covers. Condensation may also come from outside walls. Be sure to insulate these as well – it will not only prevent condensation but help you save on your energy bills!

Stop Outside Water From Its Source – Outside!

If water is coming in from the outside, then it makes no sense to try and stop it from the inside.

Start by taking measures to keep water away from the foundation. You can create a 6 ft wide, 4-inch high slope which drains water away from your home. Another way to keep water away from your foundation is to use downspout extensions to keep heavy rain from being deposited directly next to your house.

If your home leaks from the outside and you have cracks in your foundation, we recommend calling a basement foundation expert. While you may be able to fix these cracks by yourself, you may be only temporarily fixing the issue. A foundation expert will be able to offer you several solutions, based on a free inspection, to best suit your budget.

And the Best Long-Term Solution?

Exterior waterproofing is perhaps the best long-term solution as it stops water from entering through your walls. This involves excavating around your home and applying waterproofing materials to the foundation. Regardless of your circumstances, whether you are experiencing seepage or dampness through the walls, exterior waterproofing will always solve your problem.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Should you require professional help for a leaky foundation, give us a call at Conterra Foundation and Repair. We serve Hamilton, Burlington, and the surrounding areas like Oakville or Ancaster.