Flooding Areas in Hamilton, ON

heavy rain

With spring just around the corner, flooding becomes a big concern once again for Hamilton and area residents.

After winter’s heavy snowfalls, certain areas still have large areas of snow needing to melt. Add in the expected rain throughout the spring season and this can be the recipe for a flooding disaster!

Do you know if the area you live in is at risk of a springtime flood? Are you wondering what preparations can be done in advance? Read our tips below to find out more.

The City of Hamilton’s Flooding Hot Spots

Due to rainfall and snowmelt, nearby streams, ditches and roadways can easily become overwhelmed by water. Stormwater inlets and outlets can back up or overflow, potentially causing sewer backup problems, too.

The City of Hamilton has identified a total of 900 flooding “hot spots” throughout the city, identifiable to city staff by GIS coordinates. These are particular locations where city crews inspect and clear prior to a big storm to hopefully prevent/limit flooding.

Because they were built without storm sewers, the older areas of Hamilton are especially at risk of flooding. The following areas have the most drainage hot spots: Dundas, Ancaster, and Binbrook. Plus, the lower city is flood-prone, especially in areas surrounding the Woodward Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Certain areas in or around the Red Hill Valley are also designated as high priority.

Preparing your Home for Floods

Now’s the time to complete preparations for a potential flood in Hamilton, Ontario. These preparations include:

  • Researching if your home insurance policy covers flood damage
  • Anchoring and elevating any outdoor equipment, such as air conditioning units and fuel tanks
  • Considering getting a backwater valve installed to prevent sewage backup (check out the City of Hamilton’s backwater valve program)

Waterproofing Your Home’s Foundation: The Best Way to Prevent Flooding Damage

The slope of the ground around your home is important as it can direct water to or from your home. Your home’s slope can easily be determined by seeing how water accumulates around your home after an average rainfall. If your property is prone to standing water, it’s worth having it checked out by a certified contractor.

In addition to investigating your property’s grading, it’s important to get your home’s foundation inspected. This barrier is what can eliminate flooding from affecting your home – so make sure it’s in the best condition possible prior to flood season.

Conterra Foundation and Repair Ltd. is Your Hamilton Expert in Waterproofing Homes

The waterproofing specialists at Conterra Foundation and Repair Ltd. know how to keep your home dry during the upcoming wet and rainy season.

We offer a wide variety of services including exterior foundation waterproofing, which prevents water and moisture penetrating through to your basement. We also complete foundation crack repairs and sump pit installations – both key in the fight against flooding!

Let us prevent flooding from harming your home! Contact us today for a free inspection of your home’s foundation.