How much does foundation crack repair cost?

foundation crack repair

When Hamilton and Burlington homeowners hear (or suspect) that they need foundation repair, they are often fearful that the repairs are going to be more than they can afford. While foundation repair can be expensive however it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. The repairs vary widely in cost depending on exactly what needs to be done. Since prices range so greatly, we can’t tell you in a blog what your foundation repair will cost, but we can give you an idea of some of the factors involved in determining the price.

Structural vs. Non-Structural Damage

Small non-structural damage is the least expensive damage to repair. Signs of non-structural damage are very thin vertical or diagonal cracks in the basement walls or floors. This type of repair typically costs a few hundred dollars depending on how many cracks need to be filled. If you need to replace the basement floor, this can cost several hundred more.

Structural damage is more serious and more costly. Indicators of structural damage include horizontal cracks in the walls, cracked tiles, uneven flooring and windows and doors that stick. You may need to get a report by a structural engineer and or a soil analyst and foundation repairs for structural damage usually require piering or underpinning. The cost of repairs will depend on the size of your home and how much labour is required.

Major foundation repairs also require some degree of excavation around your home and may require disturbing or removing shrubs, flowers and hardscaping. While a reputable contractor will fill back in the soil after the repairs, there may be some additional costs if you wish to replace and landscaping or hardscaping that was damaged during the repair process.

Are Foundation Repair costs covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance does not cover foundation damage, however, most foundation repair contractors in the Hamilton and Burlington area will offer financing options.

Contact Conterra Foundation today!

Since foundation repair often requires a hefty investment – and because it is so vital to the integrity of your home – working with a licensed, insured, and experienced contractor is key. At Conterra Foundation, we have been fixing damaged foundations since 1993 and we offer a 20-year warranty on our work.

If you suspect that you have foundation damage, like a cracked foundation, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible since the sooner you have it repaired, the less likely the damage is to become worse and cause additional problems. The early you address the damage and get it repaired, the less costly it is likely to be. If you need foundation repair in Hamilton or Burlington, contact Conterra Foundation today.