Is It Safe to Live In a House With Foundation Issues?

Architect builder studying layout plan of the room

Maybe you started smelling a damp odour in your basement. Or perhaps you noticed cracks forming on your ceiling and walls. However it came to be, you now know that you have foundation issues in your home. Before you begin to panic, here’s what you should keep in mind about foundation problems and safety risks.

Foundation Issues and Consequences

Over many years, a home can settle due to unstable soil and weather conditions. Sometimes, these forces create structural issues throughout the house ranging from ceiling cracks to foundation failure.

A foundation problem may seem minor at the beginning – such as a door that starts sticking. But if these problems go undetected for too long, there can be severe consequences.

Excessive moisture can create mould and mildew, leading to harmful effects on your family’s health. Structural damage can also occur, creating massive and costly damage such as flooded basements and collapsed walls.

The more serious the foundation problem is, the more likely the home’s stability is at risk.

Signs of Foundation Problems

To prevent the need for massive house foundation repairs, you need to identify signs of potential problems.

Below are indications of possible foundation damage. If you are experiencing any of them in your home, you should contact a foundation repair expert as soon as possible.

  • Gaps, cracks, and fractures in the foundation, walls, ceiling, and/or floors
  • Foundation sinking or setting
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Doors that fail to open properly
  • Spaces around window frames or exterior doors
  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Smells or signs of mildew and mould growing inside
  • A chimney that leans or pulls away from your home

One of the best ways to prevent foundation damage at your home is by completing a periodic walk-through. Better yet, have an expert complete a regular foundation inspection for you.

If you’re purchasing a home, be sure to have a professional foundation inspection completed during the home buying process.

Foundation Repairs for Your Home 

The cost to repair your foundation depends on the extent of the problem and the type of repair needed. Although some repairs are costly, the price for ignoring them can cost you even more in the long-term – in both money and stress.

The quicker the repair is completed, the better. Doing so helps protect the solidity of your foundation and secure your home’s structural ability.

Getting a Foundation Inspection

Depending on the extent of the issue, living in a home with foundation problems is possible – but not advisable. If you notice a foundation issue – however small it may be – it’s best to have an expert check it out. Fixing a minor problem can help prevent major costly and risky issues from forming. It also provides you with peace of mind.

If you think you have a foundation problem in Burlington, Hamilton, or surrounding areas, have us check it out. We can complete a thorough inspection of your foundation and create a solution so that your home is safe to live in once again.