Parging: Providing the “Icing on the Cake” for Your Home!

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Parging, which uses masonry-based mortar to cover a home’s foundation walls, has additional benefits than just making your home’s exterior more attractive. Although it’s not technically meant for waterproofing, parging does create a water-resistant barrier and helps the home remain dry. With a parge coat, the home’s masonry will become more protected from the elements and shield the home’s foundation from snow and ice. If a home has a concrete foundation that shows imperfections, parging can help make those blemishes disappear. At the very least, parging can act as the “icing on the cake” to finish off a home’s exterior look!

Ensure Your Parging is Done Correctly…Or Else!

Like any other work you do to your home, there’s a wrong and right way of parging, too. The right way will reap numerous benefits, as discussed earlier. The wrong way, however, can lead to big problems down the road. Not only can water become trapped between the parge coat and the wall, but your home could stand a chance of having moisture damage. Parging incorrectly could quickly become a homeowner’s nightmare.

Trust the Parging Experts at Conterra Foundation and Repair

We at Conterra Foundation and Repair are here to help you complete parging right the first time. Since 1993, we have been providing quality, reliable basement waterproofing and foundation crack repairs. As experts in parging, we have the skills and experience to ensure this specialized technique will be done correctly. We are so confident in our parging abilities that we include a 20-year warranty on all our work. Get the peace of mind when you complete parging on your home by calling Conterra Foundation and Repair today!

Our Expert Touch is Applied to Each Parging Project

Some people try to come up with their own consistency for the parging mix – but by hiring the professionals at Conterra Foundation and Repair, no guessing is involved. Like all the products Conterra Foundation and Repair uses, our parging mix is the best in quality and consistency to ensure that an attractive, functional finish is the result of our work. Well done parging gets noticed – just like messy parging, does. Make sure your home receives the former by choosing Conterra Foundation and Repair to complete your home’s parging work!

Fixing the Current Parge Coat on Your Home

Does your home’s foundation already have a parge coat from a previous owner, but you’re not happy with how it looks? Did you try to complete parging on your home yourself, but got a little lost along the way? Call Conterra Foundation and Repair’s office today for a professional, free opinion on what can be done to make the parge coat on your home look much better.

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Trusting Conterra Foundation and Repair to complete your home’s foundation parging work is a decision you won’t regret. Call us today for a free estimate and see for yourself why we are the best in Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding area for foundation work.