Stopping That Leaking Crawl Space

basement crawl space

Do you have space in your home referred to as the dungeon? Crawl spaces and cool rooms don’t have to scare small children and can, in fact, be useful and even inviting.

Inspecting Your Crawl Space for Leaks

If the crawl space in your home is wet, it has either suffered a leak in the past or is still leaking. There are a number of solutions for a leaking crawl space. Which solution is best for your crawl space will depend on the cause of your leak. If your home doesn’t have a leak and you want to keep it that way, Conterra Foundation offers Exterior Foundation Waterproofing for a reasonable price.

You will know if your crawl space is wet, sometimes simply by looking at the area. Other indicators that your crawl space needs repair are uneven floors, foul odours and cracks in the foundation and/ or drywall. There are professionals out there that will locate the problem, the culprit and the solution best for you. Choosing to finally finish that crawl space with some vapour barrier will go a long way in making that crawl space more useful. Dirt floor crawl spaces harbour moisture and can cause mould problems. With a little investment, any crawl space can become valuable storage space in your home. It can be repaired and dried out, leaving both your home and the air you breath in good health.

Inspecting Your Cold Cellar

Cold cellars can include, wine cellars, root cellars and just about every unfinished area in a home. Some are created on purpose for the moisture and cold environment they can provide for food and beverages. Some cold cellars are simply cool because of their lack of forced air and the proximity of the cellar within the house. If you’re afraid of that often dark space, it may be time to make it more appealing. If you’re storing food items in your cold cellar, it doesn’t have to be fancy. If you are purposely maintaining a cool room, make sure lighting is sufficient in the design of your cold cellar as there will not likely be windows in the room. Ideally, the design of your cold cellar will include a location in the corner of a basement space where it will be able to maintain the coolest temperature possible. Sturdy and plentiful shelving is also a must. Ensure all storage units are fastened to cement or cinder blocks with concrete screws for safety. If small critters aren’t your thing, vacuum your cold cellar often. This will keep down on spiders and other insects that want to make a home among your perishables. If you are storing fruits and vegetables, keep them off the floor and rotate your produce to reduce spoiling.

Going to the cold cellar or crawl space doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience. Whether having a crawl space or cold cellar was intentional or not, these areas can become both useful and indeed welcoming with a little care and know how.

What to do If You Notice Any Problems

When you’re in the crawl space or cold cellar, inspect your home’s foundation to find cracks or any other problems. Conterra Foundation & Repair offers an array of services including Foundation Crack RepairContact Us so we can talk to you about your home’s foundation.