Taking Care of Your Home’s Foundation this Summer

crack in foundation closeup

Besides all the enjoyment that summer brings, the season can also cause problems in your home’s foundation.

After spring’s heavy rains and moderate temperatures, summer’s hot, dry weather can create foundation damage in the form of cracks and more.

The good news? There are some preventative actions that you can take to prevent any foundation damage from occurring in your home this summer!

Foundation Damage Increases During the Summer Months

After spring’s mild, moist temperatures, the soil has become saturated and swollen. When this happens, the wet soil expands and becomes dense around and under your home’s foundation.

Eventually, cracks will develop in your yard as the soil pulls away from your foundation. Vertical cracks are created due to uneven settlement caused by different soil moisture levels around your home. Besides foundation cracks, damage can occur in basement floors and drywall.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

Over time, the pressure created by rapidly changing temperatures and moisture levels between seasons adds strain to your home’s foundation. Although the foundation’s concrete was designed to withstand this stress, sometimes the pressure becomes too much, and foundation damage occurs.

Although you can’t do anything about seasonal temperature fluctuations, you can reduce the likelihood of summer foundation damage. The most effective strategy is to keep consistent moisture levels around your home. This can be achieved by watering the soil and the foundation itself when temperatures are greater than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’d rather conserve water, strategic planting of your trees and bushes can help keep the moisture level consistent. When completing your planting, keep in mind how high the plant or tree will grow. Keep it that same distance away from your home’s foundation. Their underground root systems trap moisture, even when the days are very hot and dry.

Regular Foundation Inspections Prevent Future Damage

Since summer is the busiest time for foundation repairs, the time is now to complete a foundation inspection! That way, you can get ahead of any foundation repairs and prevent any further damage.

Complete a foundation inspection yourself (or contact a professional) to check for the following warning signs of foundation damage:

  • Improperly closing doors and windows
  • Sagging roofs, leaning walls and tilted chimneys
  • Collapsing supports, beams and girders
  • Gaps where floors and ceilings meet
  • Crumbling concrete and flaky bricks
  • Plumbing issues, such as leaky pipes or faulty toilets
  • Soil moisture levels (it’s a red flag if the soil’s dry after a heavy rain or damp after a dry spell)

Because some problems cannot be seen but can be heard, it’s important to pay attention to any of the noises that your home makes. If you hear anything abnormal, it’s crucial to contact a foundation repair company right away.

Conterra Foundation: Your Best Choice for Foundation Crack Repairs

If you’ve noticed some foundation damage around your home, the best thing that you can do is contact a professional.

Since 1993, Conterra Foundation has been providing expert foundation repairs in Hamilton and surrounding area. Contact us today for more information and to receive a free estimate!