Why is Water Seeping Through My Hamilton Basement Walls?

Basement wall water seepage

Have you ever gone down into the basement of your Hamilton home and noticed a little water on the ground or walls? Water seeping into the basement of homes, especially older ones, is a widespread problem, but it can cause a lot of damage to your home and your belongings if you don’t get it looked at and fixed. There are a variety of reasons this could be happening, and here are some common causes: 

Window wells

If your home has window wells at the ground level, this could be a prime cause of water seeping into your basement. If the window well doesn’t have proper drainage or isn’t sealed properly, you may find that moisture or water is leaking into the basement. 

When water has nowhere to go and pools in the window well, it will eventually seep into your basement, so proper drainage is paramount for ensuring you do not get leaking.

Ground moisture

The ground around your home will always have moisture in it, which will freeze and thaw with the seasons. Heavy rainfall can cause extra moisture to be retained in the soil, which will then expand and push against your home’s foundation. 

If there are cracks in the foundation or any weak spots, this may cause the moisture to leak into your basement, and you will see the water on the interior walls of your Hamilton home. 

When leaks go untreated

If you have a lot of moisture in your basement and do not have it fixed as soon as possible, you can create bigger problems for your family and your home’s physical structure. 

Untreated leaks can create the perfect condition for mold to grow – which can be harmful to your health long-term. Further, a crack in the foundation can compromise the structural integrity of your home, which means there could be much bigger repairs needed to the foundation of your home. 

The water in your basement could also damage your belongings and could cause you to have to completely renovate and repair your home due to the damage. 

Repairing a small crack before it grows could also save you from having to submit an insurance claim and causing your premiums to go up. 

Repairing basement cracks

There are a few different ways a crack in the foundation of your Hamilton home can be repaired. To permanently fix the problem, though, the root of the problem must be addressed so that there isn’t constant pressure pushing against the foundation. 

By just repairing the crack itself, you are only putting a temporary fix on it. If it’s due to a window well leaking or soil expansion with extra water in the soil, you need to have those issues addressed so that it doesn’t continue to allow moisture into your basement. 

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