Window Well Drainage

Weeping Tile Replacement

Proper drainage from window wells is crucial in keeping your foundation strong in Hamilton Ontario. See details about repairing window well drainage.

Adequate window well drainage is made up of properly sealed window treatments, good drainage down the PVC drainout, and a well maintained weeping tile. Due to the fact that the weeping tile is located on the outside of your home it is subject to the elements, and will require replacement from time to time.

Many basement leaks are caused by malfunctioning weeping tiles! Depending on the age of your home the weeping tile may be made of clay in the case of a historic home, or more durable materials like perforated plastic drainage piping in contemporary homes. Over time, both styles will require replacement.

Replacing Weeping Tile

To replace a weeping tile, we will remove the soil at the foundation of your home to reveal the footing. We will remove the weeping tile and replace it with a brand new one. At this point, we will also have the chance to assess the state of your foundation and make repairs as necessary. In addition to exchanging the drainage pipe, the weeping tile itself will need to be replaced. It is located directly below the basement floor slab. If there has been damage to your basement floor, it is wise to fix it at this point as well. Usually, this means cutting and removing narrow sections of the concrete floor and replacing it with new concrete.

Ensuring that the weeping tile is doing its job will keep your basement dry and comfortable. Don’t let an unpredictably damp basement let you lose out on the opportunity to use your basement for storage or relaxation!  Trust Conterra Foundation and Repair to replace your weeping tile in a manner that best suits your foundation and landscape.

If you would like to discuss a weeping tile replacement, please contact us to request your free inspection and quote!

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