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Window Wells & Drains

Heavy rainfall, and spring runoff in Burlington Ontario can cause window wells and drains can fill up with water that ends up on your basement floor. Once there, it wreaks havoc on your foundation and can be unhealthy for the occupants of your home.

Proper window well drainage is crucial to ensuring your below grade windows don’t end up looking like aquariums! If the window wells in your home are not draining properly, retrofitting proper drainage is a simple procedure.

We will start by excavating from the window well to the weeping tile. The weeping tile is located on the exterior of your home. Water flows from the window well through a PVC drainout - instead of leaking through the window onto your basement floor! Once the drainout is working flawlessly, we will use liquid rubber to the entire space.

Depending on the severity of the situation, a dimpled sheet air-gap membrane may also be used as an extra cautionary measure. The air gap membrane redirects water away using hydrostatic pressure. At this point, the window well is re-attached and gravel is poured into the well to facilitate drainage into the PVC pipe.

Proper installation and maintenance of window wells is a simple, yet incredibly vital process. Left unattended water damage as a result of poorly draining window wells can cause damage to your entire foundation leading to a much more costly repair.

Conterra Foundation and Repair has been installing quality window wells and drains since 1993 in the Burlington and Hamilton region.  Our experience with foundations allows us to fix problem areas that may lead to window well flooding and leaking.

If you would like to discuss a window well repair, please contact us to request your free inspection and quote!

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