Winter Foundation Repairs

delta foundation waterproofing membrane

If you have a concern about the foundation of your home, it is important to act immediately, before a small problem becomes a major issue. Some home owners are hesitant to make repairs to their foundation in winter months, but it is important to understand that foundation repairs or remedies in the winter can be very effective with proper knowledge, techniques and equipment.

Winter weather can bring on damage to your foundation. While soil contracts in the summer due to a lack of moisture, in the winter soil will expand because of cold temperatures and higher volumes of moisture and ice. As soil expands it can push your foundation upwards, creating pressure that can be damaging to an old or worn out foundation. Damage in the winter time can also occur due to a pipe freezing. Although normal freezing isn’t usually a problem, if a pipe freezes and bursts, permanent water damage can have long-term effects on your home’s foundation. This is most likely to happen if your pipes are directly exposed to outside temperatures (either outdoor sinks/washrooms or unprotected crawlspaces under your home) or if exterior faucets are not properly turned off before the cold temperatures hit.

Foundation cracks or other damage to your foundation are particularly detrimental in winter months, as your foundation is responsible for keeping in the heat and keeping out any moisture. The efficiency and stability of your home can both be compromised with this type of damage.

Although repairs will usually require the installation of drainage systems or processes of high-pressure injections, with special admixtures, heating equipment, and insulating materials, it is possible to pour concrete and make mortar repairs in the winter season, as well as dig deep into the soil surrounding your foundation.

Preventing Foundation Problems

Preventative measures are important to consider if you believe your home’s foundation may be at risk of damage throughout the winter season.

  • Make sure all exposed water pipes are shut off well before the temperature drops below freezing
  • Seal any and all leaks around pipes that enter your home to prevent cold air from seeping indoors
  • Insulate pipes located in crawl spaces, attics, and outer walls
  • Make sure your home’s temperature does not fall below 12 degrees Celsius to minimize your chance of potential damage

No matter what the season, if you are in need of foundation or wet basement repair in Burlington or Hamilton, contact Conterra Foundation and Repair.  Since 1993, we have helped hundreds of home owners and commercial businesses improve their foundation walls.