How to Fix your House’s Foundation Problems

stone foundation crumbling

If you are having issues with the foundation of your home, you will certainly know it. How to remedy the problem will likely be less clear.
There are many things that can go wrong with a foundation, especially one that was built more than 50 years ago. There are also terrific solutions to these foundation problems that will reinforce the foundation of your home.

Reinforcing a foundation that is failing comes only after you identify the problem. A foundation that no longer protects your home can have one or more problems.

If your home is suffering from any of these symptoms, you likely have a problem with your foundation and will need to find a way to reinforce it. How much this reinforcement will cost is variable and greatly depends on the kind of foundation problem you are having, how accessible the problem is and the method of repair that is used.

In the past, the best reinforcement method used was to jack up the home and pour new concrete. This was disruptive and expensive. An alternative is to inject concrete into the affected areas or using steel for reinforcement. All these methods are highly disruptive to the house and everyone in it, as well as being costly.

Modern Foundation Repair

Today’s technology has brought about new, more affordable and less disruptive ways of reinforcing a foundation. Carbon-Fiber Kevlar Technology is used now to best reinforce foundationsCarbon fiber is a strong woven material that is used to stabilize the vulnerable area. The advantage in using this method of foundation reinforcement are:

  • Carbon fiber is very strong
  • It cannot break and the fibers do not stretch
  • Repairs are permanent
  • Carbon-fiber kevlar has very little to no visibility once installed

This method of foundation reinforcement often costs less than others.

While the process involved with carbon fibre foundation reinforcement may not sound complex, it still needs the expertise of the professionals.  As foundation repair is our life, we may also spot other issues that can be quickly fixed to save you further headaches in the future.

If your foundation needs to be reinforced, call the Conterra Foundation and Repair and get the process underway.