Fixing a Stone Foundation

stone foundation crumbling

If you’ve got a home that was built prior to World War I, there is a good chance that you have a stone foundation. A stone foundation uses rocks and stones bonded together, rather than cinder blocks or poured concrete. And while these types of foundations may have worked just fine for folks during the early 1900s, they are no longer suitable for modern day living. The good news is that it is possible to fix a stone foundation to help bring your home into the 21st century.

Why Are there Houses with Stone Foundations?

The first step toward understanding why you should have your stone foundation repaired is understanding why some homes have them in the first place. Many basements that are pre-WWI were never intended to be used as living spaces. They were simply meant to hold a home’s mechanical features such as furnaces, plumbing, water heater, etc.

These homes often had dirt floors, and stone foundations helped prevent the home from shifting during a freeze. More often than not, the basement was a damp place as their stone foundations were prone to leakage. Some of these foundations have weeping tiles, but many do not.

Modern Basements vs Stone Foundation

Today, many homeowners want to use their basements for much more than simply a space to hold the furnace. Today basements are lived in; we have rec and family rooms or even an extra bedroom. Obviously a basement that is damp is not suitable for such use as items would easily become ruined. A damp basement can also cause rot to wooden joists and the flooring up above.

Furthermore, even if you don’t require your basement for a living space, a foundation that is prone to leakage leads to mould and other problems within the home.

Fixing a Stone Foundation

The professionals at Conterra Foundation and Repair can fix your stone foundation and help make it more suitable for modern day life. Depending on the condition of your foundation and your budget, we offer a variety of solutions.

Our process starts by examining your foundation to see whether or not you have weeping tiles and determining what kinds of repairs have been done in the past. Depending on the condition of your foundation, our recommendations could be be making a repair, replacing your stone foundation, or perhaps some waterproofing tactics. Our team performs quality work at competitive prices.

It is important to understand that repair of a stone foundation is not a DIY project as mistakes can seriously jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.

When to have your Stone Foundation Fixed

If you have a stone foundation in your home and it is leaking, the time to call us is now so that you can help prevent any further water damage from being done to your home. Another time to get in touch with us is before you purchase a home with a stone foundation. We can estimate the cost of the repair which may help you to negotiate a better price with the seller.

Many people enjoy having older homes because they have a unique architectural charm and beauty, but in the case of stone foundations it is much better to have them brought up to date. Call Conterra Foundation and Repair today!